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Letter: School property taxes are beyond burdensome

One of the rites of spring is the arrival of the annual property tax statement.

We all know about property taxes: one of the most regressive and unfair taxes that exists. It is not based on anyone's ability to pay, encourages people to not improve their property, and in reality the valuations bear little resemblance to what a property is really worth.

The property tax is long past being due for elimination by a sales tax, but since counties can "count on" stable, regular revenue from a property tax (versus a sales tax which will have fluctuating revenue), it will continue to exist. Our state is always beholden to county lobbying and influence and will do nothing for taxpayers.

That said, the bill is coming due for the Goodhue school referendum. Our property tax is increasing almost 45 percent and over $800 for the year. Almost an entire monthly Social Security check. An amount that will require, for many, a loan to pay.

Did the school need this money? Somewhat questionable, but a good cause. However, funding school district wish lists is a cause that is increasingly burdensome to homeowners, especially young homeowners just starting out and elderly retired homeowners.

There is a better way with a sales tax, but inertia in the legislative system will continue to exploit the property tax.

Allan and Gaye Larson

Red Wing

(Goodhue school district)