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Letter: Treatment center needed in Goodhue County

To the editor:

As a lifelong resident of Red Wing, I have personally watched mood-altering substances take over the minds and lives of so many individuals, young and old.

Drugs and alcohol do not discriminate who they affect and the use of them continues to damage and destroy not only the individuals, but the families of those individuals as well. More and more families are broken up or have child protection involvement directly related to alcohol and drug use and abuse, but without any inpatient services in this area, the ones struggling are forced to seek help hours away.

Without a facility nearby, how are they supposed to create that healthy relationship from hours away with family/friends? Having an inpatient facility here in Red Wing would not only help reunite families, but also begin to decrease the addiction issue in the community along with enhancing the recovery community that we significantly lack.

As many previous articles in the Republican Eagle and the Needles and Pills talk last year have outlined, issues with alcohol and drugs are not going away any time soon. It has been discussed that Valley View Recovery is looking into a local building and I am hoping they are successful in the purchase and opening of this facility to better the community and to decrease the harm drug use has caused.

Jessica Schumacher

Red Wing