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Letter: Decency saves miserable, snowy day

On Thursday, a couple of weeks ago, during a snowfall and the day after a heavy snowfall, I dropped a friend off at her apartment on Perlich Avenue. Upon leaving the parking lot, I misjudged where the driveway apron was, due to the heavy snow cover and I became hung up, partially blocking the entrance to the parking lot.

Unable to move, I phoned my road service insurance and explained I was partially blocking the entrance to the parking lot of the building. I was told it would be about two to 2.5 hours before service would arrive. Unable to reach a couple of friends by phone, I decided to phone Red Wing Police Department and ask for assistance since I was blocking the entrance to a parking lot.

I spoke to Roger Pohlman, our police chief, and asked if one of his patrol officers might be available to give me assistance. Shortly after, Officer Cory Rassmussen arrived but together we were not able to dislodge the car. After Officer Rassmussen drove me home, I thanked him and he said, "We are here to help." I called Siewerts towing and was told someone would pick me up in about half an hour. Soon Gabe Kinney from Siewerts arrived and was able to pull the car out very quickly.

It was a very cold, miserable day and the driving conditions were very poor. I wish to thank Chief Pohlman, Officer Rassmussen and Gabe Kinney from Siewerts for their help. This incident and the responses to it further underscore that Red Wing is truly an outstanding community!

Don Olson

Red Wing