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Letter: Talking less trash

To the editor: 

Reduce, reuse, recycle! The city of Red Wing will be rolling out a new recycling program that will focus on increasing community participation, volume recycled, resource recovery, and environmental protection.

Single-sort recycling will allow residents to place all their recyclables into one cart without having to separate the materials. The refuse and recycling crews will pick up your recycling bin at the curb every other week. Collected materials will be sorted at specialized industrial facilities.

How many times have you wondered whether or not an item was recyclable or what the logo number means on the bottom of the plastic tub? Do all cities and counties recycle the same things? Why not? Can I just place this material in the recycling and hope it gets recycled? Why is this so confusing, and how do I find out what I'm supposed to do?

Or have you ever wondered what happens to the recyclables once they leave the curb? Does it really get recycled and reused? Is there an actual market for recyclable materials and what are the forces driving the recyclables market?

You can have these questions and more answered at a public forum 6:30 p.m. Feb. 27 in the Red Wing Public Library. The League of Women Voters Red Wing and the city's Sustainability Commission are sponsoring this forum to help citizens understand single sort recycling, what the coming changes will mean for residents and businesses, and to get their questions answered. We're bringing in Jeff Schneider, deputy director of Public Works, as well as Wayne Gjerde from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and Steve Schiefelbein of Republic Services, which currently processes the city's recyclable materials for markets. We plan plenty of time for you to ask your own questions, and to mingle with the speakers after the forum.

Come, learn about the newest innovation in Red Wing.

League of Women Voters Red Wing, Environmental Committee

Pat Tieskoetter, Anne Wildenborg, Nancy Mason-Johnson, Ann Seymour, Mike Johnson, Zoe Malinchoc and Sarah Singer

Red Wing