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Letter: Have a home energy audit, save fuel and money

To the editor:

We recently had a home energy audit performed by the Home Energy Squad and we recommend it for all homeowners. Two personnel from the Center for Energy and Environment spent two hours checking our thermostat, water heater, furnace, lighting, windows, shower heads, water faucets, dryer vent, attic insulation and wall insulation. They installed a fan door to create a vacuum in the house and used thermal imaging to detect air leaks in the rim joist, top plate and baseboard areas. Even an air leak under our newly installed door was detected.

We ended up with 32 new LED lightbulbs, two low-flow shower heads, and a low-flow faucet aerator. We also got expert advice on sealing detected leaks, cleaning the dryer vent, setting the thermostat on the furnace/air conditioner/water heater, consideration of fresh air intake, and potential rebates and financing for energy-saving projects. Our audit results were emailed to us and included pictures so that we could not mistake what was being discussed.

Scott and Joseph were respectful of our home and did not mind that it was not perfectly clean. Although we got this service at a discounted $70 (because we attended a presentation) we consider it a bargain even at the regular $100 price because we expect to start saving on gas and electricity costs immediately.

Please consider calling the Energy Advisor Service at 612-244-2484, Center for Energy and Environment to schedule an Energy Squad Home Visit. It'll make your home more durable, comfortable, and efficient. Also, it will save you energy costs, and will help lower atmospheric carbon. For more info, go to:

Pete and Anne Wildenborg

Red Wing