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Letter: Some things -- not taxes -- taking shape for county taxpayers

To the editor:

Just wanted to update everyone on the happenings in Goodhue County this past month.

County Road 1 is now complete; there is a little ditch shaping and seeding that will be done in the spring. But be careful, it is so smooth I was driving it the other day and I looked down and I was doing 70, I had to quick slow down. So please watch your speed on that very nice and smooth road.

There was a meeting last month in regards to the Highway 52 project coming up in 2020 on the southbound lane form Cannon falls to Zumbrota. The most discussed point by those in attendance was the need for a overpass at Hader at the intersection of 57 and 52. I think Minnesota Department of Transportation got the point. Let's hope they get it included in the upcoming project.

The final 2019 budget was passed. It was not a win for the taxpayer, that is for sure. The average dollar increase across my district was 17 percent on the county portion of your property tax.

I want to thank everyone who came to the meeting and spoke about the effects of the higher taxes on local farmers and fixed income retirees and homeowners, I was listening.

I knew they had the votes on the board to get a 9 percent levy increase. I proposed a plan to have a slightly reduced budget, down to 6 percent increase. I was hoping maybe Paul Drotos or Brad Anderson could be persuaded to at least give a little relief to the taxpayer since the increases were so large this year. I made a motion for a 6 percent increased budget, myself and Majerus voted in favor; Anderson, Drotos and Scott Safe voted against. Anderson then made a motion for the 9 percent levy increase. The motion passed. A good day for government, a bad day for taxpayers in my opinion.

Barney Nesseth


Barney Nesseth represents Goodhue County District 3.