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Letter: My white cane

Editor's note: As part of White Cane Day, Oct. 15, students at the Wisconsin School for the Blind and Visually Impaired wrote about their white canes and what they mean to them. Here is one area student's submission.

My White Cane

I think that my cane is a symbol of people who are blind and visually impaired. We should always have our canes especially if we are going to different places in the world. It has been very useful to have and I have learned so many "tricks." It has been very useful for crossing streets, going downstairs, and going upstairs. It has also very useful for going over bumpy roads, on gravel, or in the snow.

If I lose my cane in the school that I'm in now, then I would have to borrow a "loner" from the Orientation and Mobility Department at my school. I sometimes don't use it; but I have gotten used to bringing it whenever I travel or go out to dark places. I have it because I can use it to feel around to find if there is a bump or a wall or a step.

I am glad to have my cane, although I wish it would have plushies or other things to make it more cool looking.

Everett Alms