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Letter: Community comes together to win drug court grant

To the editor:

It was not easy for Goodhue County to achieve the $500,000 federal grant to establish a drug treatment court. One of the most important criteria was community involvement. That involvement included a unique partnership between the County Board, the city of Red Wing, the Republican Eagle, the Duff Endowment, and the experts and the citizens of Red Wing who were involved or concerned with addiction.

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"Needles and Pills" was an educational program designed to: "Read a book. Learn the problem. And: Become a united front against addiction." Local author Ben Schmidt's book, "Six Years Lost," was the catalyst for over 200 citizens to gather for a panel discussion at the Red Wing Public Library to do something about the crisis. That something proved to be an outcry of support for a drug court treatment court in Goodhue County.

Many people did the groundwork for this monumental grant; but, each and every one of them expressed the understanding that in any real crisis, doing nothing to help, is not an option.

Paul Drotos

Red Wing

Paul Drotos is Goodhue County District 5 and serves on the Duff Endowment Fund.