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Letter: Bring on the education news coverage in Red Wing

To the editor: 

We have seven announced candidates for the Red Wing School Board. So far, I can't find much information about any of them. With the two bond questions up for a vote this November — and a lot of questions and doubt among voters regarding the realism of both the future plans for Red Wing's school system in light of declining enrollment over the past decade and the direction of public schools in a time of declining national test performance — the future of both the community and the nation is on the table and our education system is either going to keep up or let down a generation of hopeful students.

Early ballots have been issued and many people will be making decisions about this critical community resource based on wishes and hopes and little-to-no data. Of all the campaigns we're hearing about in the news and political advertisement, the School Board election might be the most important for the community. I hope the Republican Eagle will be doing a series on these candidates soon.

T.W. Day

Red Wing