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Letter: Time to toss safety aside?

To the editor:

This is to thank you for the very liberating Aug. 29 post-storm front-page photo of a man using a chainsaw while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. What a relief to finally realize that I do not need the boots, chaps, gloves and safety glasses I have used for over 40 years while cutting about seven full cords of wood a year. Following your photo, I can now head to my woodlot in sandals.

Also, please consider a future photo of some of the many motorcycle riders who pass through the area who do not wear helmets and other so-called safety gear. You can find them in front of any local bar. Foolish me, riding a bike for over 50 years with all that cumbersome crap and waiting until my bike was settled for the night before having a drink. Guess I'll dump the gear and get that bottle of Jack firmly anchored in my tank bag.

Paul Schaefer

Hager City