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Letters: Give blood, why don't you?; Toddlers could teach politicians

Give bl__d, why d_n't y_?

The hospitals are in desperate need of all all blood types to help those who have been injured in the natural disasters that have occured around the nation. The blood types are A+, A-, B+, B-, O+ and O-. Insert these letters: A, B, or O in the blanks to find out the message from the Red Cross.

"With_ut _, _ & _, we c_n't s_ve _nyb_dy. Ple_se help s_me_ne be wh_le _g_in."

The Ellsworth Churches are sponsoring a blood drive noon until 6 p.m. Aug. 20 at Zion Covenant Church 210 N. Beulah St. Call Pam to schedule an appointment at 715-273-0310 or visit and enter ellsworthwi.

Pam Enger


Toddlers could teach politicians

A couple of weeks ago I was in Atlanta attending a seminar with my daughter. I was late arriving, so I was not sure what the speaker was addressing. As she spoke, I tried to catch up to the point of her speech. It related to an individual that was suffering from the lack of empathy for others.

The individual had an ax to grind and nothing and no one was going to get in his way no matter who got stepped on or hurt. The speaker went on with an example of the selfishness of the individual.

I thought for sure it was a political speech of today's administration but I later realized she was giving a speech for daycare providers and the attitudes of 4-year-old toddlers.

Tony R Huppert

Spring Valley, Wis.