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Letter: Nationalism is the door to destruction

To the editor:

First, I must tell you I am a flaming Democrat. A recent letter writer stated that the Democrats' concerns about immigration reform — righting injustices and stopping the suffering of people caught crossing the border — is all about Democrats facilitating globalism.

The writer apparently feels all the protests against President Donald Trump are actually because of his attempts to block globalism and his support of nationalism.

The writer seems to define globalism as giving up our borders, giving up our nation and giving up our sovereignty. I, personally, have never heard anyone in politics even say anything like this about our country.

The writer pits globalism against nationalism as if nationalism is what we really want and need. Hitler used nationalism to isolate and conquer. It is the door to destruction for the USA. It is not about patriotism and loyalty and honor. It is about authority and blind obedience and giving up control of your life.

Melissa Wolford

Red Wing