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Letters: Say no to 'No Ice, No Borders, No Nations'; An unrecorded 'summit'

Say no to 'No Ice, No Borders, No Nations'

Finally, it is out in the open. With the Democrats' new mantra "No Ice, No Borders, No Nations," we can start talking about globalism and the agenda of globalism.

Although it is being proposed as a solution, "No Ice No Borders No Nations" is not about reforming immigration, righting injustice or stopping the suffering of people caught crossing the border. This is all about facilitating globalism.

Outside of academia, there has been little public discussion in the United States about globalism. This in itself is stunning given that our last presidential election was all about the competing worldviews of nationalism vs. globalism.

One might rightly ask why the media has neglected the signature issue of our time: Does the United States give up it status and identity as a sovereign nation to become a member of a collective world community without borders?

In many quarters, the defeat of Hillary Clinton was seen as a major setback to globalism. Of course, Clinton was expected to win and continue this country's move toward globalism. Trump's election threw a monkey wrench into all this, sending shock waves that continue to be felt across the globe, especially among European Union members.

Vested interests outside our country are quite unhappy and it is that which fuels the worldwide demonstrations and organized protests against Trump. Note, it isn't the people who voted for Brexit who are carrying signs and protesting Trump.

Each of us has to duty to be informed, and right now we need a lot more information about and public discussion on globalism and what's going on in the rest of the world. An understanding of the European Union, the Brexit vote and the worldwide immigration crisis would be a good start.

"We the People" deserve nothing less than complete honesty about the intentions and implications of policies being proffered by major political players. We need this from the politicians and from the media we depend upon to stay informed.

To move from a sovereign nation to a member of a collective world community is not a decision a few jaded politicians, one political party or a select intellectuals in academia should decide for us. With respect to the American people and this republic, globalism certainly should not be implemented covertly, veiled in the cloak of immigration reform.

Patricia Allende de Jung

Red Wing

An unrecorded 'summit'

As Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections proceeds, alarming revelations emerge almost daily. Hacking our voting systems is ominous, certainly, though there's no compelling evidence that direct tampering changed the outcome of the presidential election.

More insidious is the now well-documented psychological warfare Russia has waged against a divided America, using digital and social media to inflame an already polarized electorate and deepen the divisions in American society. Russian trolls and propagandists have targeted voters on both the right and the left with inflammatory messages aimed at intensifying partisan rancor, vilifying and demonizing political opponents, and diminishing constructive civic discourse across political lines.

Where we once viewed contending political parties as "loyal opposition," we now seem to have crossed a line into the destructive territory of political opponent as "enemy."

There is an old saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." By that logic, Vladimir Putin, the declared enemy of Hillary Clinton, can be accepted as a friend of Donald Trump and the GOP. We are on dangerous ground when an American president sides with a hostile foreign power against his own country's opposition party. Even more dangerous when that party won't check him.

Every patriotic American should be concerned with the attack on our mutual life by sophisticated foreign manipulators. Party affiliation should not limit our alarm at being kept in the dark regarding agreements made in private in Helsinki by two known pathological liars. Many suspect that Putin is blackmailing Trump with kompramat, compromising information, standard operating procedure in Russian politics and business.

Has Trump secretly blessed Putin's aggression toward the Ukraine? Endorsed Russia's backing of the murderous Assad regime in Syria? If so, how will we ever find out? Such an unrecorded "summit" must not be allowed to occur again.

Thomas R. Smith

River Falls