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Letter: Civilized society must never condone child abuse

To the editor:

Adverse childhood experiences are one way to characterize childhood trauma stemming from abuse, neglect or endangerment. ACEs are currently a major focus for trying to understand how children are impacted by trauma. It correlates with lifelong problems associated with attention span and learning as well as both mental and physical health.

Research has shown that multiple ACEs cause deep and often irreparable harm in children depending on the number and seriousness of the traumas experienced.

Everybody knows that child abuse is terrible; but its results are proving to be far more damaging over a longer period of time than ever expected. ACEs can actually become multi-generational.

When we know these things, we have a greater responsibility to recognize and report ACEs.

That recognition includes recent governmental sanctions of unnecessary child removal from their families. As a public official working in the area of health and human services, I see this policy as a clear and present example of creating an adverse childhood experience.

Child abuse is abhorrent and intolerable in any civilized society. I commend every citizen who opposes it.

Paul Drotos

Red Wing

Paul Drotos is a Goodhue County commissioner and executive committee member of the Minnesota State Community Health Services Advisory Committee