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Letter: Township whittling away at our freedoms

To the editor:

On May 7, the Florence Township Planning Commission held a meeting to adopt a "property maintenance" rule with the blessing of the Town Board, they said. They would not accept input from the public (all two of us) that didn't agree with their agenda.

This is a thinly veiled plot pitting neighbor against neighbor to gain power and control over our private freedoms and property rights provided by the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Minnesota Trespass laws.

Those who study history know that all failed democracies have failed from the inside.

The decline and fall of the Roman Empire started this very way. These perpetrators, like the Roman rulers, are hoping the public won't notice the loss of a little freedom here and property rights there. After many years, when the Roman public did notice their loss, they were put to death if they protested.

This bunch — with the help of an outsider who commented with our two lane at Lake City going so nice, you want Frontenac to look nice also — were eager to set fines, time limits, property tax liens for grass length, unlicensed vehicles, fences, roof and paint damage, vermin, all to be enforced by the Goodhue County attorney and sheriff. A township inspector is to be appointed with authority to inspect any place any time, never mind our constitutional freedom from warrantless searches and trespass.

Our military men and women risk their lives overseas to protect the very freedoms and rights this bunch is trying to take away. Freedom is not free, it has to be fought for every day against those who want to tear down our Constitution and Bill of Rights for their private power and control. It's an insult to all veterans who have served our country in war and peace.

If these people don't like what their neighbors do on private property, they should move back to where they come from, and leave the rest of us in peace and harmony.

Bob Kohrs