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Letter: Majerus is a discredit, but Goodhue County Board comes through

To the editor: 

The Eagle's May 15 report on a May 8 Goodhue County Board special meeting seems incomplete. Board Chair Jason Majerus not only limited speakers to three minutes, as reported, but he sought to narrowly limit what people could say and did so in a hostile and aggressive manner. In my opinion Majerus' behavior was well below the standards expected of elected officials, and reflected discredit on Goodhue County.

The good news, as reported, is that the board as a whole responded to public sentiment and rejected changes to the ordinance.

Large feedlots pose a threat to air quality, water quality and human health and quality of life. The fewer of them are built in Goodhue County, the better off we are likely to be. We should strengthen, not weaken, regulation of feedlots.

And with neither state nor federal governments on this job, the county needs to step up.

Alan Muller

Red Wing