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Letter: Goodhue, Red Wing high schools should work together

To the editor: 

The recent Goodhue School referendum was voted down and there is no plan B in place. Let me propose a plan B for Goodhue.

Keep the old Goodhue School building for grades K through 9, and partner with Red Wing for grades 10 through 12. Red Wing has a big parking lot for those older teens who want to drive to school and that will alleviate the parking hassles around the Goodhue School.

Red Wing's newer high school has all the needed curriculum and building facilities to prepare the older teens for college and trades. Goodhue will still retain its community school for the younger kids. And the Goodhue school building will be adequate for fewer students.

It makes little sense to have a $30 million referendum which works out to over $50,000 per student when other area schools have faced similar costs and partnered with other districts: Kenyon-Wanamingo and Zumbrota-Mazeppa.

The taxpayers deserve a break and some economies in the education system.

Gaye Larson

Red Wing