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Letter: Support the ELC: Take in an Earth Day film festival

To the editor:

Hollywood understands how powerful movies are. The Wild and Scenic Film Festival grabs hold of some of that power in order to take us places, show us things, and connect us with what is happening in the natural world.

Nature stories don't have to be an hour and a half; but, they do have to explore our planet and connect us to each other. Those two things are what the Environmental Learning Center does best. That is why that local organization is sponsoring this world class film festival. It is a fundraiser for ELC programs and people who teach the bounty of Mother Nature's lessons.

On Earth Day, Sunday April 22, at 2 p.m. at the Sheldon Theatre you can see for ourselves what is making or breaking our ecosystem. Please, make some time to journey through the eyes and ears of big-screen- filmmakers paying attention to this wild and scenic planet we share.

Earth Day Saturday will be celebrated outside with a community climb of Barns Bluff; but Earth Day Sunday will be a Wild and Scenic Film Festival surrounded by an electric car show. Tickets are on sale at the Sheldon Theatre: $10 for students and $15 for adults.

This is a family-friendly way to support Earth Day principles. Those are ELC principles, and we need to share them together at the Sheldon on Earth Day.

Mick Wendland, Nancy Berlin and Paul Drotos

Red Wing

Mick Wendland, Nancy Berlin and Paul Drotos are part of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival Committee.