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Letter: Take the Barn Bluff challenge

To the editor:

Barn Bluff/He Mni Can is one of the best-known natural features along the Mississippi River. It rises up about 350 feet and offers an enjoyable and easily accessible hike and excellent views of the Red Wing and the Mississippi River valley.

Join the Friends of the Bluffs organization as we try to set a record for the number of people to hike the bluff in one day. This is a perfect family activity to celebrate Earth Day.

Friends of the Bluffs' volunteers will be available from sunrise to sunset Saturday, April 21, to register participants and answer questions, There will be other community groups providing activities and information, too.

So, dust off your hiking boots, grab your water bottle, put on your sunscreen and take a hike. For an up-to-date schedule, check out our Bluff Happenings on our website

Come celebrate Earth Day and Barn Bluff.

Dave Borgen

Red Wing