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Letter: Community needs a drug court

To the editor:

As concerned citizens of Red Wing, we have known for a long time that we have a drug crisis in Red Wing and Goodhue County. We have faced it head on with our children. But until attending the Needles & Pills forum March 29 at the Red Wing Public Library, we hadn't realized how great the extent of the problem is in this area.

As parents who has watched drug addiction take their children to the depths of hell, I truly believe that a drug court is greatly needed in Goodhue County. Statistics show that drug courts reduce crime, drug courts save taxpayers money, drug courts ensure compliance to laws and treatment, drug courts combat meth addiction and drug courts restore families.

I don't believe that anyone wants to become a prisoner of drugs or alcohol, but many find no way out when battling addiction alone. A drug court will provide the support and accountability an addict or alcoholic needs to start recovery from their disease.

Let's help by getting a drug court in Goodhue County! Contact your Goodhue County commissioners and request that money for a drug court be put in the 2019 budget.

Colleen & John MIller

Red Wing