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Letter: Senator, the time has come for a full four-lane 61

To the editor:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, I was very sad the day that your father retired. I enjoyed his articles. I think of you and your dad every time I ride my 10-speed bike from Lake City to Wabasha and back on Highway 61.

As you know, it is a very beautiful, but dangerous road. The large trucks whipping past me, inches away from me. I can't help thinking how your dad broke his cheekbone on that part of the road. Highway 61 is a high-volume highway and very scenic with all the eagles and boats to look at on Lake Pepin.

I have a plan to make it safer and make the truckers happy. This is a good time to complete the original plan from the 1960s to have a four-lane highway from Interstate 90 at La Crosse, Wis., all the way to Red Wing. Fifty years is long enough.

No money? No problem. We can make it a toll highway until it is paid for, then take the toll off. Then it will be a safe road and the truckers will be happy. It will be called the "Klobuchar Highway" after you know who.

Jim Lyons

Lake City