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Letter: Be proud of 'The Barn' and its beauty

To the editor:

Fads, customs, trends, styles, laws change and run their course and what is socially acceptable may no longer prevail. The destructive mutilation of our natural wonder "The Barn" (Mount La Grange) with graffiti is no longer acceptable in my view.

Graffiti is the damaging of property caused by scratching, etching, spraying, writing, drawing, marking, painting or applying another marking substance to a public or private property without the owner's consent.

If it happened to your property without your consent would you welcome the new addition? Would you call someone to have it removed? Call law enforcement?

Defacing public property is a crime, a criminal act of destruction, a felony. Graffiti is an adolescent display of entitlement and vandalism, an obnoxious eye sore with no artistic merit.

Research says that graffiti is usually gang or politically related, a display of antisocial behavior and for some a rebellion against a society they consider unjust.

Never considering the abatement cost these vandals grab their ladders and paint our historic park's limestone. Cost of removal, identification and apprehension is transferred to the taxpayers.

This is not "Dead Wing," this is Red Wing. We are proud of the history and natural beauty of our city. It's everywhere! God made it, why deface it?

Ralph Ryan

Red Wing