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Letter: Enact legislation to protect people

To the editor:

I am tired of elected officials, after mass shootings, usurping the role of clergy and telling me how I should respond religiously for the victims.

I am tired of elected officials, not knowing the lives or minds of the offenders, let alone the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, usurping the role of psychologists and maintaining these are all mental health cases.

I am tired of elected officials blaming law enforcement for missing warning signs, when most of the signs, while odious, are not illegal.

I am tired of elected officials, unable to find a single solution, choosing to pursue no solution.

I want elected officials to do their own jobs, to enact legislation to promote life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, for the citizens.

The very name says it all: not a hunting rifle, or a defense rifle, but an assault rifle. It is a weapon of aggression, and as such, should be reserved for use solely by the military and law enforcement.

Dane E. Petersen

Red Wing