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Letter: Set America's priorities right

What has happened to the party of fiscal responsibility? I thought we could count on the Republican leadership who control the legislative, the executive and who are jackbooting their way into the judicial branch of the federal government, to have our backs when it came to reigning in runaway federal deficits. Not anymore. The swamp won and the American taxpayers lost.

President Bill Clinton left a budget surplus in 2000 and now, after 16 years of war, financed by three tax cuts, we are facing the largest budget deficit and national debt in history.

Warren Buffett was on the "Newshour" with Judy Woodruff around the time the disaster which our Congressman Jason Lewis calls "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" passed. Buffett's team did the math and he personally will save roughly $680,000 on his taxes as computed under the new tax plan which he calls the the "Relief for the Rich " act.

How will the government justify $ 1.5 trillion less in revenue over the next 10 years?

They are hoping the people to whom they pandered in 2017 invest their gains in America (aka trickle down economics).

Definitely not by throttling down the runaway military expenditures, ($664 billion last year) more than China, Russia, UK, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia and India combined. Indeed, President Donald Trump called for an additional $54 billion for 2019 so we can catch up our depleted military. What was it President Dwight Eisenhower (a Republican) said about the military industrial complex?

The hand is writing on the wall. They are going to continue to erode our entitlements in the name of national security.

Social Security, by the way, is not an entitlement. That is my money which I have been paying into that fund my whole life.

So it is a matter of where you and I, or rather where Congress places our priorities. Single-payer health care, free college for all who are eligible, taking care of people who need it, get big money out of politics. It's all within reach.

Use your vote while it still counts!

Daniel Malloy