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Letter: Respect the flag

To the editor: 

From the book "Let's be right on Flag Etiquette" approved by Congress July 7, 1976. "The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the floor, water or merchandise."

I agree Shawn White is the greatest snowboarder in the world and I humbly congratulate and admire him for that. But when he wins he shouldn't drag the American flag on the ground behind him; life a puppy dog on a leash.

Being a member of the Korean Conflict over 60 years ago, in which my best friend lost his life in combat, I neither twitter, text or tweet.

But I wish someone who does would remind White to treat the colors of our great nation with more respect.

Ray Carlson


Ray Carlson is a life member of Ellsworth Legion Post 204 and Red Wing VFW Post 1218.