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Letter: Drotos doesn't understand drug users, but he should get feedlots

To the editor:

I have been reading with great skepticism the recent spate of articles by Goodhue County Commissioner Paul Drotos regarding the opioid crisis in our nation. His most recent broadside (Viewpoint: Olympics reminds us there are rules) compels to me respond.

Using the Olympics as his rubric, he spews on and on about "rules," i.e., the athletes must abide them, so why, he wonders, have "drug addicts ...forsaken all the rules?" More of this same drivel animates his article. Sitting in judgment, he excoriates drug users for not playing the game.

While I have no knowledge of the commissioner's habits, my guess would be that he has scant personal experience of both the perils and the pleasures of drug use. Otherwise, he'd be aware that breaking the rules is precisely one of the major reasons people, especially youth, are drawn to illicit substances.

Drotos blames the victim, the users when the real blame lies with Big Pharma, which makes many of the drugs and purveys them relentlessly, and America's deeply misguided drug laws which have ruined and continue to despoil millions of lives with vindictive policies serving only to exacerbate an already miserable situation. The ghost of Richard Nixon, who began the "war on drugs" for purely political reasons, is I'm sure pleased at the mayhem.

Perched atop his tiny Mt. Olympus, Barn Bluff, perhaps, Drotos drones on with his inapt sports analogy, telling us "we all need to be coaches" for, apparently, those who use drugs.

Oh the crocodile tears this elected official wastes when he should really attend to something he knows about, i.e., his approval of a very large, environmentally unsound, hog farm in the county. Once up and running, that operation will be awash in drugs. Maybe Paul can counsel the pigs about "the rules."

Paul Schaefer

Hager City