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Letter: Room to park your car, but not to live

To the editor:

Is there a housing shortage in Red Wing?

Young friends of mine say, "yes." But, they have just found one. Others, I hear, are not so fortunate. Especially if they are financially not so fortunate.

Aug. 31, 2016, several people were evicted from the Park West apartments at West Avenue and Fourth Street. The land was needed for a parking space for county workers and their clients/customers. Some felt that the alleged parking need superseded the alleged housing need. Cost of bringing the apartment building up to code was estimated to be $900,000. The final cost of the parking lot is $845,000 plus.

We will probably not need that parking lot as it is some distance from businesses, and we do hate to walk. But if you do need to find parking and it is "open to the public" at times the county does not need it, it is graciously offered by the "owners."

Emily Burt