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Letter: Citizens' Climate Lobby dedicated to creating the political will for action

To the editor:

As members of our diverse, sometimes politically divided, Red Wing community and the surrounding areas, we were pleased to read about the editorial direction of the Eagle (Jan 10, 2018). You identified clean power, renewable energy and climate change as topics of particular interest in the robust debate that lies ahead in 2018.

We agree these are urgent matters that require our attention and action. We know our local economy and community is already affected by a changing climate with more torrential rainfall, flooding, less snow and warmer winters. To be clear, scientists no longer debate that climate change is happening, and that humans are causing it.

Citizens' Climate Lobby is dedicated to creating the political will to bring Democrats, Republicans and Independents to the table to find real policy solutions. We lobby our federal legislative delegation, but we can also act locally and statewide.

CCL is currently working to build support for federal legislation that puts a direct and steadily increasing fee on carbon-based fuels that will wean our nation off fossil fuels and move us toward greater use of clean energy sources like solar and wind. This legislation should also return revenue from the carbon tax to households so that consumers have the income to pay for increased fossil fuel based energy costs. We hope that this legislation will be introduced in 2018.

You can count on us to to provide a respectful bipartisan perspective on climate issues in the coming year.

Red Wing CCL chapter

Anne & Peter Wildenborg, Red Wing

Randy & Peggy Decker, Cannon Falls

Michael Johnson, Red Wing

Tilton Davis, Red Wing

Bill Habedank, Red Wing

Elvy Day, Tom Day, Red Wing

Doug Blakesley, Red Wing

Jean Magnusson, Red Wing