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Letter: Help make democracy work: Attend a caucus

To the editor:

We need to keep our democracy strong. Of course it is important to vote and not just blindly without knowing what a candidate stands for, but for what you believe in. However, long before the election, we need to encourage good candidates to run. We need to help the candidates who contribute their time, money and effort to win. Candidates, who are often faced with criticism about things they cannot change, their looks, sex, race, nationality, derogatory nicknames and lies about their families to name just a few. These candidates need our support not just on the final election day.

We need to volunteer to go door to door and talk to friends and neighbors, pass out brochures, work at the office, march in parades, have fundraisers to pay for the office and the candidates, support the paid workers, work at the fairs, make phone calls and attend caucuses and conventions.

Caucuses are being held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 6. The paper lists the place for your town. Come to the caucus and let your precinct captain know how you want to help. Make your voice heard.

Nancy Thorson

Red Wing