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Letter: 'Snow Day' delights, enlightens

To the editor:

Last weekend, we enjoyed Red Wing at its best. A local author (Jacqueline West) and a local theater group (the Soapbox Players) delighted us with their production of "Snow Day," described as "a Dark (and Cold) Comedy about Climate Change." We laughed and shook our heads at the witty and clever dialogue and recognized ourselves in too many of the characters. The rustic Hobgoblin venue filled with our neighbors and friends who seemed to enjoy the performance as much as we did.

And to top it all off, the profits were donated to our local chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby (@CCLRedWing on Facebook and Twitter).

Thank you, Red Wing, for creating a community that can come together in such a fun and meaningful way to brighten a cold dark night.

Peggy and Randy Decker

Cannon Falls

Peggy and Randy Decker are members of Citizens Climate Lobby