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Letter: Consider supporting community by bell-ringing

To the editor:

As Christmas approaches, the Salvation Army is busy with our holiday wish list — that no family will be without food or shelter, no child will face Christmas without Santa, and that no one will feel forgotten and alone in this season of joy. Of course, the Salvation Army Service Unit of Goodhue County has been working all year long to make sure that local residents do not face a crisis or emergency alone. Providing assistance at the greatest point of need, the Salvation Army offers clothing, furniture, groceries and other aid to residents of our community. Statewide services include utility assistance, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, correctional services and homeless shelters.

This holiday season, when you hear the ringing of a Salvation Army bell and see the red kettle, please offer your support. We need your help even more this year, as funding cuts take effect and even more people come to us with emergency needs. Unfortunately we are facing a shortage of bell-ringers and they are the lifeblood of our campaign. If you are interested in bell-ringing, please call Sam Wunderlich at 507-330-1472.

Thank you for your continuing support and please consider this; an hour or two of your time could change someone's life. And that would make your Christmas something special.

Sam Wunderlich

Goodhue County kettle coordinator and bell-ringer