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Letter: Kind, start working with, for conservatives, too

Congressman Ron Kind, I received your taxpayer-paid mailing telling about all you are doing for us.

How about this Obamacare, which you support? The cost of supplement insurance has gone up over 50 percent since Obamacare for Mary and I. Have you tried to buy health insurance for your family? How do you expect our young families to buy insurance?

The government proved they cannot run health care. Just look at the veterans hospital in Tomah, which is in your district. How did you escape criticism in papers about your no action? You should try working with someone other than Democrats to help the people of your district. It is time you go to work with conservatives to get this mess straightened out.

You continue to vote for government paid abortions — stop funding Planned Parenthood!

You say you help the dairy industry. What are you doing to help open markets for milk? You can help open markets in other countries. Lending farmers more money is not the answer.

Regarding taxes, you need to work with President Donald Trump to help lower taxes on businesses so the United States can compete in the world economy.

We need to elect someone new in the 3rd District because after 20 years you have proved you cannot represent us.

Joe Wieser

Maiden Rock