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Letter: Keep your hard-earned wages and vote 'no' twice

To the editor:

As responsible citizens, we are asked to make yet another difficult choice. Do we give the Red Wing School District an additional $424 per student, $500 per student or $924 per student? Or do we have the School Board cut cost?

To make matters more taxing, it will be attached to an adjustable rate. Not only an unknown rate of inflation, but for an additional 10 years!

Looking at my recent city utility bill, it has gone up. Property values up, so are my property taxes. I have no idea what the feds are going to do, but I highly doubt reduced taxes will be celebrated. County? City? Gasoline? Haven't even mentioned luxury items like food.

If the public student head count is dropping, the availability of affordable housing is down, number of skilled workers thinning and the number of fixed income retires on the rise, how can these two resolutions be considered a step in the right direction?

I urge you to vote "no" to both resolutions this Nov. 7. I also urge the School Board and administrator to effectively use their leadership skills to find balance while spending the revenue already provided by the hard-working residents and from those retired and entitled to enjoy their hard-earned savings.

Ernie Stone

Red Wing