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Letter: Let's truly make America great

To the editor:

Every time I hear "Make America Great Again" I cringe.

I've asked individuals "What does that mean?"

One individual said he remembers when he would get 18 percent interest on his money. My response was, I remember when I had to pay 22 percent interest on my loans. Not so great.

Then he went on to say, he remembers when he would put a help wanted ad in the paper and he would have 300 people stand in line for an application. My response was, I was one of those 300 standing in line. Not so great.

He went on to say he remembered when farmland was taxed on property value vs. land-use and townships had plenty of tax money. I reminded him that I remember my mother having a heck of a time paying those taxes. Not so great.

Instead of "Make America Great Again for a Few," I would rather hear "Make America Great for All."

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley, Wis.