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Letter: GOP's absurd proposals mean it's time to elect Democrats

First, President Donald Trump's Republicans offered a "repeal and replace" bill that would have stripped health insurance coverage from millions of Americans.

It didn't pass; chalk this one up as a win for the average American.

Now Trump's Republicans are working on a bill they define as either reforming the income tax code or providing massive tax cuts or stimulating the economy or creating millions of new jobs. Take your pick!

None of these definitions does anything to help the average American family. The true result is that the rich get richer and further prove that "trickle-down economics" is a hoax. It's a false premise the Republicans claim as a panacea for all the Nation's economic woes. They never admit that the reduction in tax revenue will really add to the deficit. Nor do they tell you that to offset this additional deficit there will be massive cuts to programs that affect the average American.

And, could there ever be a bill to repair and replace the nation's infrastructure? I doubt it. Chalk this one up as a wait-and-see scenario.

And now the Republican majority in the House is proposing (are you ready for this) the legalization of silencers for civilian firearms. The title of this act is (I wasn't ready for this one) Hearing Protection Act of 2017.

The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas clearly defines the utter stupidity of the Republican majority in the House. How many more victims would there have been if the people at that Las Vegas concert did not hear the shots raining down on them. Chalk this one up as a NRA/gun industry driven piece of insanity that's will be heard loud and clear by the average American family if this bill is not withdrawn.

Hopefully, 2018 elections will provide a Democrat majority in both chambers of Congress so that the needs of the average American family can be realistically addressed.

Gary Anderson

Red Wing