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Letter: Lots of infrastructure, but no more railroads

A bill by Rep. Steve Drazkowski and Sen. Mike Goggin looks set to deny any funding for zip rail to Rochester. Meanwhile, Gov. Mark Dayton is still hoping that Washington will supply $1.75 billion for his Southwest light rail and Blue Line light rail projects.

But freshman Congressman Jason Lewis has other ideas. With appointment to the powerful House Budget Committee, Lewis will have a big voice in Trump's trillion dollar infrastructure plan, and getting Minnesota its fair share of $10-$20 billion over 10 years.

Meanwhile, Southwest light rail funding is on hold at least until September and probably it will simply never get funded. The transportation bills in the Legislature include no money for light rail.

Rep. Barb Haley is working on the bonding effort started by Tim Kelly to put Cannon Falls' dangerous sewer hanging on a 100-year-old bridge over the Cannon River in a boring under the river.

Newspapers keep running the story on Trump's first 100 days in office. Lewis got to Washington and had to spend his first two months sleeping on a couch in the office. Talk about on the job training. I loved learning his story, when his family's auto aftermarket business was shut when the government took their warehouse by eminent domain, and he went on to a career on radio and now in Congress. Unlike the so-called Indivisibles who were trying to take over all Town Hall meetings to bash Trump, I am proud to say that I trust Lewis to work on the issues he campaigned on.

Doug Jones