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Letter: Keep Painting the Bluff

To the Editor:

Barn Bluff is one of our town's most iconic features. On the west side of the bluff citizens

of Red Wing will paint messages, symbols, pictures or even tributes. This is something we, as a town, should keep doing as it has been a type of tradition and is something that makes our town even more special.

Painting symbols or messages on the bluff allows communication and spirit in different

aspects in our town. It lets the citizens express opinion, support local causes, events and even tributes.

In the past, we have not had problems with the types of words or messages displayed, but we have mainly used the face for a positive display for the town to see.

Having paintings on the bluff does not devalue our naturally stunning bluffs but actually

attracts attention to the bluff and its beauty. The bluffs are a beautiful natural landscape and the paintings add to that landscape as well. It attracts the public's attention to the paintings and they notice the bluff surrounding it as well.

Painting the bluff has also been a tradition for a long time in the community. The graduating seniors from the Red Wing High School will paint their graduation year on the bluff together as a class. This is special to me, for I am a senior this year and will soon participate in the wonderful bonding experience with my class.

The painting of the bluff is a community-made tradition our town should continue to

participate in, for it is another special feature in our town.

Natalie Boxrud

Red Wing

Courtney Bolduc attends Red Wing High School. She wrote this letter to the editor as part of an English class.