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Letter: Workers could ban together -- what a novel idea

In America we value our freedom. For business, freedom is the free market that gets freer every day by rigging the regulations that are supposed to help consumers. Business "freedom" also includes the chipping away of worker rights by implementing presidential anti-worker regulations.

Real freedom for workers is more than making a living. (Although, it is getting harder every day to make a living, even with two jobs) Freedom for workers is also having time to take a loved one to the doctor, spending time with family and having affordable health care.

How about a clean environment? And let's not forget good schools. When we get old and frail let's hope Social Security and Medicare haven't been cheated away from us, thereby denying us freedom from despair.

Workers can find their lost freedom by joining together. We have the power with our numbers. Together we can negotiate for a fair return on our work and time to spend with family. After all that's what the CEOs do. They bargain by joining with their boards and political friends for their pay and benefits. What a novel idea.

Freedom opportunity is not equal. Freedom opportunity challenges can be overcome. Someone once said freedom is only freedom when everyone has it.

Working people are the backbone of our country and we must ensure our freedom to prosper.

Bruce Yernberg

Red Wing