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Editorial: Lawmakers must get to work

Minnesota lawmakers returned to work -- the people's work -- Tuesday. We hope they are refreshed after the Easter-Passover break and ready to produce results.

The main agenda item is the two-year budget. As reported in Saturday's print edition, DFL lawmakers have agreed to spend about $38 billion, but consensus on how to spend that is yet to come. House and Senate leaders say they and governor have things well in hand. The sooner they finish this, the sooner they can delve into other issues. Many are of vital interest locally -- silica sand mining, bonding, standard of care, higher education and local government aid, to name a few.

The governor has signed just one bill. There are 3,171 more on the table. Not all of them will (or should) reach his desk, but the number awaiting action indicates the enormity of the work ahead.

We urge lawmakers not to waste time. The statutory May 20 adjournment will come sooner than anyone thinks.