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Ask the Chief: Dispose of meds properly to improve overall safety

Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman

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Q: What is the best way to dispose of unwanted/expired medication?

A: Thank you for this important question, the best way to dispose of unwanted medication is through a prescription drug "drop box" or Drug Enforcement Agency "take back" day.

In Red Wing, the nearest drop box is at the Goodhue County Law Enforcement Center, 430 W. Sixth St., just inside the front door, to the right. DEA take back day is Oct. 27, 2018, and can also be dropped off at our local drop box.

Proper disposal is important for two reasons, first, to keep pharmaceuticals out of our drinking water and second, to help prevent addiction and abuse.

The Pioneer Press published an article titled "Pharmaceuticals found in U.S. drinking water" on March 9, 2008. and updated on Nov. 13, 2015 ( This article discusses the kind of medication that is found in some tested drinking water and how this medication enters the drinking water system.

Also, American, stated that pharmaceuticals first showed up in our waterways in 2002, and discusses proper disposal methods ( This article states that on average, Americans fill 3.7 billion prescriptions per year, and that the two major causes of pharmaceuticals entering the waterways are: medication not fully utilized and excreted from the body and improper disposal of unwanted medication by flushing down the toilet.

Recently, Red Wing Wastewater Treatment Plant employees have noticed an increase in the amount of pills showing up at the plant. This tells me that we need to do a better job of getting the word out concerning proper disposal of medications/pharmaceuticals.

One step in the fight against opioid addiction is proper disposal of medication/pharmaceuticals. Individuals addicted to opioids have admitted that a good source of pills for their addiction is in the medicine cabinets of family and friends. To help defeat this, we recommend properly storing your medications in your home, and when no longer needed, dispose of them properly at a local prescription drug "drop box." In Red Wing our drop box is located at the Goodhue County Law Enforcement Center and is accessible 24 hours per day.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency licenses each drop off location, and requires an annual report of how many pounds were disposed of. In 2017, we disposed of 632 pounds of unwanted medication.

In Minnesota only two agencies can collect discarded pharmaceuticals: Law enforcement agencies operated by government entities and pharmacies licensed by the board and authorized by the DEA.

The MPCA fact sheet also addresses who can bring pharmaceuticals to a drop box: pharmaceuticals that include any controlled substances, only the prescription holder, a member of their immediate household, the executor of their property if they are deceased or law enforcement agencies may bring the controlled substances to the collection box.

School staff may not transport abandoned student controlled substances to a law enforcement collection box by themselves.

Questions regarding prescription drug drop box/take back can be directed to the Red Wing Police Department Capt. Tony Grosso at 651-267-2611.


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