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Viewpoint: Three commissioners put mural over citizens

Jason Majerus

By Jason Majerus, Goodhue County Commissioner

Taxpayers of Goodhue County, do not hold your money too tight, because three commissioners want to take more than what is needed from you. This year's preliminary budget is a proposed increase of 9 percent or an additional $3 million taken out of the private sector in the county.

The same three commissioners also passed a half-percent sales tax increase starting in January. This tax will take another $1.7 million (approximated) from taxpayers making purchases in the county to go specifically to road and bridge projects.

The three commissioners are Ron Allen, Brad Anderson, and Paul Drotos.

The preliminary budget has a lot of what I consider unnecessary spending in it. I will highlight one such item in this viewpoint: $50,000 is planned to be spent to repair a mural/painting at the Government Center in Red Wing.

It is my belief that an overwhelming majority of the taxpayers in Goodhue County are not aware of the existence of this mural. This falls into what I consider unnecessary and ridiculous spending.

By agreeing to this spending, Commissioners Allen, Anderson, Drotos are telling taxpayers that the roads and bridges are in great shape and do not require any more money. Allen, Anderson, Drotos are telling taxpayers that Health and Human Services is fully funded. They are telling you, there are no at-risk children in the system needing help. We have no citizens who are homeless or live in a bad housing situation. All the elderly, vulnerable adults are well taken care of and no extra funding from the county is needed.

I'm assuming spending money to revitalize this mural says that the veterans' programs operated by the county are fully funded and those who have served our country are not in need.

Allen, Brad Anderson, and Paul Drotos are telling you they know how to spend your money better than you.

The main functions of county government should be roads, bridges, and public safety. I am not opposed to paying taxes or asking taxpayers in the county to pay for what is needed in the county. I fully support those of you who wish to pay more in taxes to do so voluntarily. Send the check to Goodhue County, 509 W. Fifth, Red Wing, MN 55066.

Please take the opportunity to contact any or all of the commissioners to voice your opinion. Even if you want more spending, your opinion is valued. If you contact me and would like higher taxes and more spending, I will politely ask you to send the check, money orders are accepted also.

Listed below is the contact information for me, and the three commissioners looking to take more of your money than what is needed. More contact information is also available on the county website.

Jason Majerus, Goodhue County Commissioner District 4, 651-923-5185,

Ron Allen, 651-442-4425,

Brad Anderson, 651-258-4462,

Paul Drotos, 651-388-1042,