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Viewpoint: Olympics reminds us there are rules

The Olympic Games are a testament to human athletic achievement. But for some, the questions of how far, how fast and how high are not going to be answered in Seoul — but, rather in their living rooms, crash pad, or shooting galleries. Getting high and staying high on drugs takes practice and perseverance, all right, but usually the finish line is in jail or in the cemetery.

The Drug Olympics are an ongoing tragedy of human misery and despair on all seven continents. There is no celebration of anything. But we must not look away.

The International Olympic Committee is especially hard on "performance enhancing drugs" because they are simply not fair to the hard-working athletes who play clean. There are rules, after all.

Unfortunately, drug addicts have forsaken all the rules. They practice the most unhealthy and unproductive games in secret because they have lost track of something important: winning isn't just about getting higher. Winning and losing are part of the process of being alive, being connected, and being appreciated. As we watch the Olympics we can see how important those things should be to everybody.

Remember, nobody got to the Olympics without a coach. Somebody had to see the ability and the potential that we all have for something.

When it comes to drugs, we all need to be coaches because if we lose our players we will lose the game.