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Q: How can I make an anonymous online tip regarding a crime?

A: Thank you for your question, many of our residents fear retaliation if they file a report or provide witness information regarding a crime they witnessed or have information about. The Red Wing Police Department offers a couple options to help protect the identity of individuals that fear retaliation.

To address your question regarding online tip reporting, the Red Wing Police Department is a member of "Crime Stoppers of Minnesota." Crime Stoppers of Minnesota offer an online tip option that randomly assigns a number to a tip so the original information/name is not revealed. The web site states:

"Crime Stoppers of Minnesota provides a safe place for citizens to provide anonymous information about crime and fugitives. We'll deliver your information to the proper authorities to investigate without revealing your identity. If the information you provided leads to an arrest, you may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000."

Crime Stoppers of Minnesota can be located at

The program also has a mobile app that can be downloaded.The Red Wing Police Department has a log-in and password that allows us access to tips for the city of Red Wing, thereby allowing us to receive the anonymous tip.

Crime Stoppers of Minnesota is for submitting crime tips only; do not use this site to report a crime.

Also, when submitting tip directly to a police officer or submitting a police report, you can request to remain anonymous or be listed as a "concerned citizen." Chapter 13, Minnesota Government Data Practices guides law enforcement and Government Agencies on what they can keep private and what information must be kept private. Whether or not we are required by law to release the information depends on the situation and must be reviewed on an individual basis.


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