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Column: Letter adds to wind energy debate

REaders' Board dug into some meaty letters at this month's meeting.

They nominated six letters for the Golden Quill. Those letters published in January represented the more heated local public debates: wind energy, application of biosolids on farmland, school funding and the need for truly open government.

The Golden Quill goes to Richard Reese, whose letter is reprinted below.

Board members said that before reading Reese's letter they assumed any wind energy development here would follow the wind farm concept - turbines lined up across a stretch of land. Reese provided information that was new or new to them, they said, and pretty important information at that.

R-E reporters continue to report on the wind energy debate. As rules change under the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and Goodhue County institutes local regulations, our staff will dig into specific proposals and the broader issue of alternative energy.

Green jobs are the future. As REAders' Board member Theresa Luther-Dolan said, "I bet we'll see more talk and letters about it."

Anne Jacobson

Anne Jacobson is news director with RiverTown Multimedia. 

(651) 301-7870