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Editorial: Revolutionize Red Wing

Wanted: A half-million votes for a half-million dollars.

Small Business Revolution organizers say the winning community in the 2017 contest will need something in the neighborhood of 250,000 votes to capture the $500,000 prize from Deluxe.

Red Wing, which nevers seems to do anything half-measure, should push for 500,000.

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The voting got off to a solid start Thursday, based on buzz throughout town and across social media. The sense of community pride was palpable.

"Vote for Red Wing."

"Vote four times daily."

"Spread the word."

Residents and visitors alike delight in the Victorian downtown, the Mighty Mississippi, the bluffs and local history. People have the opportunity to turn that feeling into action — and it will take votes from each and every individual to bring home the prize.

Rarely does a person have the ability to do something so simple and so easy that can directly support the community and therefore the region in an immediate way. Plenty of people "like" or "tweet" or "share" information on the web, but little comes of it beyond making a statement. This web-based vote, however, could help take downtown to a new economic plain.

People everywhere and anywhere can vote at Go vote now. Vote via your desktop and your laptop, via tablet and smartphone, vote on every web browser. Vote every day through Thursday, Feb. 16. Four browsers, times four devices, times five days ...

Can Red Wing generate a vote for every potential dollar? Why not.