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Letter; Smoke-free law protects our rights

To the Editor:

I reply to a recent letter sent by a reader from Hager City (R-E, March 18). I think it is really sad that people who work in bars and restaurants in Wisconsin are not protected from breathing toxic chemicals in secondhand smoke. Are they second-class citizens? Why should they have to risk dying from lung cancer or heart disease when it is so easy for smokers to step outside to smoke?

I speak from personal experience. I used to work in a place where people smoked. I started having chronic bronchitis. I went to see my doctor and he said I should give up smoking. I told my doctor that I would have to start smoking first before I could give it up. I explained how I was stuck breathing other people's smoke at work. I was never a smoker, but unfortunately I put up with chronic bronchitis the rest of my life, is that fair?

We should all be free from breathing toxic tobacco smoke when we are at work. We all have a right to breathe clean, healthy air. The smoke-free law in Minnesota is protecting my rights. I hope all workers in Wisconsin will soon be able to breather better air.

My former workplace was manufacturing. It went smoke-free shortly after I retired four years before the law was passed.

A Red Wing woman

who has better choices