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Letter: Smoking ban editorial is right on

To the Editor:

Our family applauds the editorial "Bars violate smoking ban law's intent" in the March 4 Republican Eagle. Thank you!

We were so sad to learn that a few bar owners in other parts of Minnesota have been holding sham "theater nights" just so customers could smoke.

The smoke-free law was passed to protect the health of employees and customers. Clearly the bar owners who have been doing this still don't understand that secondhand smoke causes heart disease and lung cancer.

Fortunately, they are a small minority.

A recent statewide survey showed that an overwhelming majority of Minnesotans understands the harm secondhand smoke does to our health and supports the smoke-free law.

We agree that these few renegade business owners have been setting a very bad example.

We commend the business owners in our community for not getting involved in this: Way to show leadership, Red Wing people! You have set a good example for the rest of the state by continuing to observe both the letter and the spirit of the law. It is about keeping people away from carcinogens.

It was a relief to see Wednesday that the Minnesota Department of Health has announced that they will take enforcement action against any bars that continue to hold these "smoking plays." This should bring the curtain down once and for all on this unfortunate affair.

Debby, Claire, Teman, and Molly Bradley, Red Wing