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Minnesota House goes blue despite Goodhue County votes

The Minnesota House seats that represent Goodhue County, Districts 21A and 21B, both remained red after the 2018 primary election as the Republican incumbents won. Barb Haley of 21A received 56.91 percent of votes cast and will return to St. Paul in January 2019 to begin her second term in office. Steve Drazkowski, who is currently in his sixth term, won with 63.79 percent of the vote.

After the election outcome was announced on Tuesday, Nov. 6, Haley said that she was tired, but feeling good. Haley went on to say, "I want to thank my support and really all the voters in the district."

Despite the victory by Haley and Drazkowski, Democrats took control of the Minnesota House.

All 134 seats were up for election on Tuesday. Before polling places were open, Republicans had a 76 to 55 majority in the House. At the time of reporting on Wednesday morning, not all races were decided. However, Democrats had taken enough seats to ensure a majority.

It is not uncommon for control of the House to swing back and forth between the parties. This session may pose difficulties for the two parties, however, due to the split in the control of the House, Senate and Governorship. With Tim Walz winning the gubernatorial race, Minnesota will have a Democratic governor, a Democratic-led House, and is likely to continue with a Republican majority in the Senate.

Despite differences between the two parties, Haley looks forward to working across the aisle and with Walz on issues that she said are considered bipartisan by Minnesotans, such as health care, education and career preparedness for the state's youth.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the number of Republicans with House seats prior to Tuesday's midterm election.