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Colvill Park to host conservation-themed theater

The Sheldon Theatre is proud to present Sod House Theater's bluegrass infused adaptation of "An Enemy of the People," written by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Darcey Engen, Luverne Seifert, Brian Laidlaw and Ashley Hanson.

Known for their fantastically fun productions, Sod House will join forces with local talent and audiences from Aug. 10-12 to celebrate summer and community through the experience of live, site-specific theater at Colvill Park, times vary.

"An Enemy of the People" examines how a community responds when a local doctor threatens to expose that the water it relies upon for tourism is being poisoned. The play questions how far a community will go to protect their town's secret in order to avoid financial ruin. After each performance, experts from local organizations will facilitate conversations centered on local water issues in hopes that the play and community dialogue will inspire water conservation.

The play will be performed at Colvill Park, a location important to Red Wing's historical community narrative. Sod House Theater actors will be joined by local talent within each community to workshop, develop and perform the play.

The Sod House production of "An Enemy of the People" will feature performers known for their comedic work on the stages of the Guthrie, Jungle Theater, and Ten Thousand Things Theater. The cast includes: Joy Dolo, Darcey Engen, Ashley Hanson, Alex Hathaway, Brian Laidlaw, Dario Tangleson, Luverne Seifert and Suzanne Warmanen.