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Ask the Chief: Boulevard plantings require a permit

Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman

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Q. Do city ordinances support my planting flowers, shrubs and trees in my home's boulevard area?

A: Yes, the City Code does allow for planting of shrubs and gardens within the right of way.

However, you will need to apply for a permit and obtain approval prior to any work being done.

Red Wing City Code, Chapter 14, Right of Way Management, Section 14.09 Permit Requirement states "A work in the right-of-way permit is required for the following activities within the right-of-way:

• Planting trees, shrubs, gardens and other landscape amenities in boulevard areas.

• Removal of boulevard trees.

• Installation of lawn irrigation systems and pet containment systems in boulevard areas.

• Installation of mailboxes.

Applications can be downloaded at the city of Red Wing website:, and submitted to the City of Red Wing Engineering Department for review/approval.

From a law enforcement concern, plantings should not interfere with road way visibility, detract from entering the road way from an alley or driveway, or encroach upon the sidewalk.

We would also recommend that the plantings should not be harmful to children or pets, i.e. bushes with thorns, poison oak/ivy or other harmful plants.


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2. City of Red Wing website, Engineering Permits and Applications, located online at: